Santa Ana


Santa Ana

We’re located in Santa Ana, between Peralillo and Marchigue, in Chile’s world renowned Colchagua Valley.

Santa Ana is more than just an area in Colchagua. Santa Ana is a slightly crazy community of friends from- quite literally- all over the world. A place of endless lunches that segue into endless dinners. A place for the stubborn and a place for the adventurous. It’s a place that we are proud to call home.

We’re one of 7 small-scale winery projects, all within 1km of each other, something unique in South America. We’re all focused on high-quality wine, produced from organically grown grapes. Everyone has a different approach and everyone has different grapes.

The Vineyard and Farming

Santa Ana is in a slight depression and receives more Spring and Autumn fog, and slightly cooler night time temperatures than vineyards just a couple of kilometres away. Strong Summer winds blow through the vineyard every afternoon, drying and cleaning the vines. We’re just 35km from the Pacific Ocean meaning we have some marine influence as well. This all translates into later bud-break, a longer period of maturation for the grapes and very high-quality fruit. We’re lucky to live where we do.

We have roughly 3,600 plants in production at the moment- 1,800 Syrah, 1,000 Grenache and 800 Mourvedre, all typical of the traditional Côtes du Rhône wines we love so much. We also have another 800 Grenache, along with 1,500 Cinsault, 800 Marselan and 200 white Roussanne vines that will come into production in 2019.

We farm our vineyard organically, although we’re not certified. We sow cover crops of vetch and oats in the Winter to naturally increase nitrogen and organic matter in the soil. During the early Summer, we keep sulphur applications to the absolute minimum, to keep at bay the common vine diseases. Weeding around the vines is done by hand. It’s backbreaking work.

We irrigate as little as possible, preferring just 3, or maximum 4, long and deep irrigations over the entire season to more regular, shallow irrigations. This saves water, helps our vines drive their roots deep into the soil, building up an extensive root system and will allow us to decrease the amount we irrigate even more over the next few years.

We take incredible care of our vines, to ensure we make the best quality wine we can.






La Despensa Boutique Winery

Santa Ana, Valle de Colchagua, Chile

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